Subtitling - Transcription - Timing / Synchronization

IT & Telecom:

Website Localization - Sales and Marketing Materials

Business / Corporate: Correspondence - Administration and Management - Training, Reports, Employee Newsletters - HR Manuals

Advertising & Marketing:

Press Releases - Communications

Editing & More

Editing and Proofreading:

We review translated texts to incorporate preferred terminology and stylistic norms. We read translated texts in order to detect and correct errors and inconsistencies.

Glossary Creation:

We create glossaries to avoid uncertainty in the usage of terms and to ensure your terminology is consistent across all your translation projects and written materials.

Voice Linguist

In-studio linguist on the production team for the localization of voice-based artificial intelligence technology for major consumer brands.

Editing and revision of your scripts for idiomatic expressions and local usages. Coaching of your voice talent for consistency of accent and pronunciation.

We help keep your brand in tune to the local ear.


"Fernanda always did a good job getting new team members ramped up and producing and filling holes in the interim. Her people management skills definitely grew during this time. I would highly recommend Fernanda for similar types of roles."

Business Partner Sales Leader


"Fernanda é muito mais do que uma grande professional, pude contar com ela ao meu lado em um dos trabalhos mais importantes da minha carreira e sem medo de errar posso dizer que sem a sua determinação, curiosidade e extrema competência técnica, não teríamos o mesmo nível de eficiência e sucesso."

Brazilian Portuguese

Voice talent

"Fernanda es una excelente profesional que se destaca por su capacidad de trabajo en equipo, buena predisposición y capacidad de empatía. Logra entender las necesidades y procesos del cliente con suma claridad. Destaco también su excelente trato con pares y subordinados."

Central America Business Manager at HP Inc.

"Fernanda is a detail-oriented translator. Always submitting her work on time and with tons of responsibility. I wouldn't hesitate to hire her over and over again and recommend her to all possible employers. She won't let you down."

Independent Entertainment Professional

"I had the pleasure of working with Fernanda on a Brazilian Portuguese recording project. She worked as the linguist keeping our voice talent on track and helping with interpretation anytime there was a language or cultural gap between the voice talent and the rest of the team.
It was a joy to work with Fernanda knowing that every aspect of the language was covered by her expertise. Beyond the technical details of our work, Fernanda’s friendly, easy going, and humorous nature helped the team to gel perfectly allowing us to accomplish our work in a relaxed, efficient manner.
I look forward to the next time she and I have an opportunity to work together again!"

Senior Sound Engineer

at Polarity Post Production

Social and Networking

Fernanda Brandao-Galea of F2Global is Events Co-Director for the Northern California Translators Association (NCTA) and hosts the Linguists, Translators, and Interpreters in the Bay Area Meetup group.

Please join if you are interested in making connections in the profession

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