Fi-Club is a group that coaches individuals on the skills to better manage personal finances. Psychology teaches the science of habit formation to make daily small changes. Finance shows how the power of compounding turns small actions over time into major transformations.

Our bootcamps will give you tools and training that you need to master your financial life. We have one series underway in San Francisco and we are planning another in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

The bootcamp consists of 3 small group 2-hour sessions where we cover topics like budgeting, strategies for increasing your income and the psychology of good money habits. For example, here's a preview of what we cover in Day 2:

San Francisco - 1 Session Left: February 11th

Our bootcamp will be held at a location near Union Square at 10 AM to noon on February 11th, 2017. You will receive details after you Sign-up and complete our brief survey so we can find out more about your financial goals.

Ann Arbor Michigan - March 11


Our bootcamp series of 3 sessions will be held near the public library. Please sign-up or contact us at

Future Locations:

We intend to host a series of bootcamps in Washington, D.C. and have not yet set dates. Please contact us ( if you have an interest in attending or would like to get involved with the planning of these events.

Contact us at for more information.
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