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Subtitles for "explainer videos"

You can extend the reach of your brand, product or service to new markets in a cost-effective way by adding subtitles to existing "explainer videos" to cater to the needs of audiences in foreign markets.

First off, what are "explainer videos"? They are short marketing videos describing how your product, service or company meet a customer need. In 2 or 3 minutes, they may include demonstration of your features in action, as with the clip below. The effectiveness of this tool in increasing conversion rates, capturing audience interest and allowing for rapid sharing or viral reach is well documented.

Brazil in particular has a high proportion of social media users who are drawn to video content and are an attractive target market for online advertisers. It is possible to create deep engagement with your message by including the immersive or personal feel of talking directly with the consumer.

Producing local language content from scratch would require hiring copy production and voice talent and may be cost prohibitive for early forays into a new market. A reasonably-priced and low-risk alternative is to use subtitles with your existing video materials.

Here is an example of subtitles we produced for a San Francisco technology small business:

Contact us at if you would like to learn more about how your videos can be adapted to reach the Brazilian digital audience. According to Statista: "in 2018, the number of Facebook users in Brazil is expected to reach 96.5 million, up from 85.6 million in 2016."

Considering making a video for your company? Great advice in the following post from Video Brewery and Wistia:

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