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Meetups and More! Spring update from F2-Global

It's Spring at last in San Francisco and as the rains stopped after what locals tell me was the wettest Winter they have seen in years, people are starting to get out to be social. It's been a great time to get together in person with other translators and language professionals. I partnered with my translator colleague Audrey Pouligny, who specializes in French and English, to start a Meetup group "Linguists, Translators, and Interpreters in the Bay Area" and quickly garnered over one hundred members.

We have since held two brunch get-togethers in San Francisco's North Beach that were well attended by language lovers and professionals. Here are some of the photos from the February 25th and March 25th events:

Same place a month later, some of the same faces, and some new ones:

Upcoming events:

- Our next meetup takes us across the Bay to Oakland, at the suggestion of fellow Northern California Translators Association ("NCTA") member, Javier Moreno. We will meet Saturday April 22nd at 3:15 PM at Leaning Tower of Pizza. Please join us in the East Bay and help us show that we don't let a body of water come between us and an opportunity to mingle and enjoy the company of language profession colleagues and friends.

- NCTA General Meeting: NCTA Members will have a General Meeting on Saturday May 6th at 1 pm at Golden Gate University. If you are not a member yet, you still can join us if you become one. Membership for individuals is $60 for twelve months, and you can register either onsite 30 minutes before the General Meeting or online at NCTA website.

New role:

Both Audrey and I are honored that the NCTA, upon hearing of our events, has opted to back us more formally by offering us the role of Events Director. We will continue promoting and building the Linguists, Translators and Interpreters in the Bay Area meetups but will also lend our support to NCTA's other events and those initiated by other members. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you are an NCTA member and would like me to list your event. You can reach me at or


Audrey Pouligny:

Javier Moreno:

NCTA (Northern California Translators Association):

Meetup group: Linguistics, Translators and Interpreters in the Bay Area

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