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As you may recall from the Spring 2017 Translorial, NCTA President Michael Shubert in his opening commented on “The Value of Community”. We would like to let you know what we have been doing since we joined the Board of NCTA as Events co-Directors and we invite you to take an active role in your association, joining us for upcoming events or bringing your ideas to be implemented. We are all ears!

For our readers who do not know us, we are Audrey and Fernanda, two San Francisco-based translators, working with French and Portuguese respectively. Starting in February of this year, we’ve experimented with a new platform that allows us to connect with and engage other translators from our local region. That platform is called Meetup, an online social networking tool that facilitates local in-person group meetings. Meetup allows members to find and join groups unified by a common interest, and therefore it can help NCTA broaden its reach to pull in language professionals, students and enthusiasts who may not yet be aware of us.

The Meetup group we created boosts our NCTA membership, creates greater visibility for the association and therefore strengthens the network from which every member can draw. We encourage our members to network locally in every part of our territory, while Meetup provides a ready-to-use tool to organize, promote, manage reminders, share event pictures, message attendees and alert them for last minute changes. If you have not yet tried out the Meetup tool as an attendee, please do, since it will make your event organizer’s day much smoother.

Follow this link: to join us and over 228 language lovers.

As of September 2017, we have created 19 events promoting social and continuing education gatherings. We try to make it easy for all members to engage, no matter their location, schedule or interests.

Here is the breakout by type of event and month:

We’ve seen participation throughout Northern California. Here’s our chart of events by location:

The events season kicked-off with a brunch social in North Beach that was so much fun that we had to have another the next month. Not to be outdone, our friend Javier Moreno, across the Bay in Oakland followed-up with his gourmet pizza and beer social (make sure to save room for pie). Afaf and Mathias Steiert boosted the East Bay tally with a couple of lunch meetups. Carolyn Yohn hosted coffee gatherings for members in the Roseville and Sacramento area.

It’s not all socials and festivities; we also get down to the serious work of practicing our languages: 4 language-focused meetings allowed us to speak French, Spanish and Portuguese.

Picture 1. Lunch in Oakland – Matias Steiert, Alexandra Wahl, Afaf Steiert, Fernanda Brandao-Galea, Halidi Foutouhat, Monica Lange Picture 2. Personal Finances for freelancers – Frank Galea, Raymond Krein, Audrey Pouligny, Marc Vincent, Heidi Smith, Sebastian Mirolo, Charlotte Giovangrandi, Karl Stellrecht, Olga Byvaltseva, Carolyn Quintella, Sharlee Broadley, Andrea Pollock, Jisu Kim, Abner Moralles Picture 3 . Pizza in Oakland – Diana, Zully, Bryan, Jose, Javier Moreno, Leah Dong, Fernanda Brandao-Galea Picture 4. French Meetup – Coleman Foley, Trudy Obi, Thilo Ullman, Audrey Pouligny, Fernanda Brandao-Galea, Marc Vincent, Frank Galea Picture 5. East Bay lunch – Larsen, Virginia, Matias Steiert, Flemming, Trudy Obi, Anne Peattie, Afaf Steiert, Picture 6. Meetup em portugues - Monica Lange, Susan Howard, Zeze Di Amoure, Valdete Cooper, Fernanda Brandao-Galea

We held a round-table to discuss our personal finances as freelancers. We invited coaches to facilitate the discussion and provide helpful tips and tricks. The 2-hour capacity crowd meeting at the San Francisco Public Library covered the group’s concerns across business development, record-keeping and retirement savings. An interesting effect of focusing people on dollars and sense, was that three participants decided to join NCTA after attending. Please welcome Olga Byvaltseva and Jsiu Kim, when you have the opportunity.

The Meetup tool is also used to promote the continuing education workshops. Please remember that these events require prior registration.

Ok, so back to the fun… we also saw a wine tasting event in Watsonville, courtesy of our NCTA Board Member Mimi Wessling.

If you would like help in organizing an event, please contact so we can get you started. Fernanda and Audrey will be happy to walk you through the setup, though we’ve found it to be intuitive. The association, and each of us as members, benefits from keeping our network growing and engaged through these events. Get to know your fellow members face-to-face and build out your circle of trusted professionals with whom you can share experiences, advice, leads and even projects.


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