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MEETUPS, THE TRIPLE APPROACH: Language, Professionalism, Fun Together

It is hard to believe that more than six months have gone by since our last report; it is rewarding to watch our program continue to mature. We want to thank you, NCTA members, and again extend the invitation for you to take an active role in our community. Let’s take a brief look back at all recent events and plant the seeds for future get-togethers.

From mid-September 2017 to April 2018, we hosted 18 events. Half of these events were held in San Francisco, including the two General Meetings hosted at Golden Gate University. Audrey Pouligny facilitated a business practices roundtable and led a “How to Enter the Profession” coaching session. We had six language-focused events: one in German, two in French, two in Portuguese and one in Spanish. Other events were more social in nature and far-ranging in location: NCTA members attending the ATA 58 conference in Washington, D.C. gathered under the California flag. Closer to home, Meetup group events were held in Walnut Creek, Sacramento, Roseville, Berkeley, and Monterey—covering a lot of our Northern California footprint.

Growth of the Meetup Group:

The meetup group celebrated its first anniversary and marked another milestone for membership growth: we now have 336 members! Of these, about 100 members have joined since our last report.

IMUG Partnership:

NCTA events shared in our meetup group are now listed by IMUG—The International Multilingual User Group, an important Silicon Valley localization community with ties to companies like Adobe, Netflix, Google, and Facebook. IMUG has nearly 2,000 members ( and hosts a variety of events at the crossroads of technology and language.

Join us!

If you have not already done so, please join our meetup group ( It is a great avenue for networking, sharing ideas, and perhaps connecting with your next project lead. We welcome your suggestions of topics and locations for meetups.

If you have a language profession–related topic you are passionate, knowledgeable, or just curious about, consider hosting a meetup to gather folks around the table for a chat. Contact our team at, and we will send you a host form and help you spread the word about your event.

Changes to the Events Team:

Audrey Pouligny has transitioned out of her role as Events Co-Director, and we give her our heartfelt thanks for her huge contributions in launching meetups and the Events program. Fernanda Brandão-Galea remains at the helm, eager to grow NCTA’s visibility. We also welcome aboard our newest crew member, Monica Lange, English and French to Portuguese translator and conference interpreter, who brings a world of experience and enthusiasm to her role on the team.


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