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Why do I plan to attend multiple conferences?

Throughout the year, the Translation & Localization industry features many opportunities for professionals to participate in events, meetups, trainings, seminars, and conferences. And these take place all over the World. If you check, for example, there are more than 30 activities on the calendar, just from September to November.

I often attend local events. In fact, I even host some meetings and meetups for Northern California Translators Association, in my capacity of Events Director. Local events present good networking and learning opportunities for an investment of no more than two to three hours of time. As you know, small business owners are busy, so the thought of taking a few days traveling away from the office to participate in a conference, trade show, convention or seminar can seem counterproductive and extravagant. Nonetheless, I have some very good reasons to attend the following events:

  • SlatorCon San Francisco 2018 – On September 13th San Francisco is the world’s technology capital. I am thrilled to join the language industry’s business and technology leaders for a full day to get immersed in the latest research projects, case studies, and insights.

  • Language and the Media – October 3-5th, Berlin, Germany In Berlin, I will have the chance to examine in detail new developments, innovations and changes that are shaping the future of the audiovisual media industry. I am currently working on my post-graduate thesis on How translation tools evolve to help corporate video content catch up to the quality standard set by the entertainment industry. I am attending the conference with the aim of gathering more information from experts who research technological innovation and its profound effect on the use of languages.

  • American Translators Association 59th Conference – October 24-27th, New Orleans – Louisiana A conference dedicated to more than 1,600 translators and interpreters, who annually get together to learn, connect, collaborate and discuss the current challenges within the industry.

In our busy social media dominated world we can’t forget to be active in our business community. Joining associations, LinkedIn or Facebook groups, is not enough. Attending conferences in person we have the opportunity to:

  1. Network with peers, open doors for partnerships, form new relationships, and strengthen existing ones.

  2. Gain fresh insights and learn new approaches that make me more effective and efficient at work.

  3. Establish new partnerships, find new suppliers or new vendors

  4. Learn something new, update yourself on tools, best practices, case studies

  5. Position yourself as an expert to your clients and/or to your peers

  6. Invest in yourself. It can cost good money but it forces you to grow and challenge yourself.

  7. Travel, get to know a new place, and have fun!

If you are going to any of the above events, let’s plan to grab a coffee together. Drop me an email at

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